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Paradeisgasse 1, 8010 Graz

0316 829 620

Montag-Samstag: 10:30-2:00
Sonntag: 14:00-1:00

Flann O´Brian

Irish Pub

"Flann O´Brien - The Original Irish Pub"

The pub was built on the Emerald Isle by the finest of Irish craftsmen and was shipped piece by piece to Graz. Opening on the 29th Jan. 1998, Flann O´Brien has brought a small piece of that northwestern Island and it´s culture of music, dance, conversation, "craic", Irish stout, ales, fine whiskey and fare to Graz.

Although Ireland has become a young, vibrant and energetic country in recent years, she is still firmly rooted in her culture & traditions. In Ireland "The Pub" is still the focal point of every community every night.

For further information on Ireland and Irish culture, please do not hesitate to call in and ask the Irish staff. They will be delighted to help you in any way they can!

Enjoy the pub, the atmosphere and the "craic".

Flann O´Brian